I am a recent graduate of the MA Theology and Religious Studies Single Honours programme at the University of Glasgow and am currently living and working in the Mission House in Amsterdam, a project built around the concept of Christian community, aimed at providing practical experience of Ministry and Mission with those on the margins of society.

At university I focussed quite extensvely on Communion Eccesiology, in other words, the idea that chruch should be about living together in true community, not simply getting on as a nice little family, but rather about everyone involved seeking to truly understand one another and, very importantly, be open to transformation through their interactions with one another, hence allowing them to live together in peace, love and understanding.

It is only now, however, that I am working with my friends and colleagues in the Mission House, that I can witness this in reality. People on the margins of society, the so-called “least”of these, working together to deal with the issues that face them in what can be a very challenging life.

I believe in Communion, with all my heart. The questions is, can I do anything about it? Only time will tell and I hope to share my experiences and thoughts with you as my time in the Mission House develops.

COPYRIGHT AND DISCLAIMER: I hereby declare that all items within this blog which are written by me, Simon Peters, are subject to a particular form of Creative Copyright. This means that you are welcome to copy or use anything you find here as long as you’re not making any money from it and you credit the author with the work. Also, items contained on this site do not releftect the views of the Mission House, any organisation, religious denomination or any other group. They are the personal views of Simon Peters.


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